I started investing in real estate when I became a police officer in 2007. I had gotten on the job while we were in the middle of a recession and during that time, even as a cop, no industry was secure.  Through the next 10 years, I worked with hundreds of first responders to help them find, finance, and invest in real estate. I officially retired from policing in 2018.

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My biggest asset is my mortgage knowledge comes from actual hands-on experience as an investor, real estate, and mortgage broker. While working midnights I spent my days running a real estate team and managing my own investment properties. I’ve been thankful to work completely by referral and much of my success comes from taking every loan like I was doing it for myself.

I remember my own loan processes where no one explained anything or answered questions so I set out with a simple mission of doing the opposite of every bad experience I had. Most importantly if a deal doesn’t make sense I’m not going to let you do it.

Real estate is the most amazing investment out there and I spent my life mastering how to make it work for me so I’m thankful and blessed to be surrounded by a like-minded people that share same values and integrity.

NMLS# 798080
Licensed in NY, NJ, FL, GA
Direct: 516-426-7498 | (516) 426-7498 | E Fax: 516-900-5017

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